[texhax] Anyone using ledpar?

peter wilson herries.press at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 9 15:11:13 CEST 2009

Yannis Haralambous wrote:
> I need to typeset parallel texts with critical apparatus. The package  
> parallel works fine for parallel texts but it processes footnotes at  
> then end of each paragraph, and that will often be the wrong page. The  
> package ledpar is advertizing exactly this: parallel texts with  
> critical apparati and footnotes.
> When I tried it, nothing worked... EIther the documentation is wrong,  
> or ledpar is vaporware. I wrote:
> \begin{pairs}
> \begin{Leftside} ... left side text ... \end{Leftside}
> \begin{Rightside} ... right side text ... \end{Rightside}
> \Columns
> \end{pairs}
> as written in the manual, and I got both texts in a *single* column  
> (instead of two columns). Only when I inserted the command \stanza  
> (taken from ledmac and normally used only for poetry, which is not my  
> case) in the (Left|Right)side environments I got two columns (but also  
> a bunch of error messages). Up to that point the result is satisfying.  
> But footnotes do *not work at all*, they remain inside the text.
> Has anyone used ledpar with parallel texts *and* footnotes and  critical 
> apparatus? I would be very curious to see an example that  works.
> Any other idea about how to solve that problem? It is quite tricky  
> since vertical material is added on both columns as well as from the  
> bottom (footnotes etc.).
> Thanks in advance
> Yannis
> PS. I attach a small test file, illustrating the error messages and  the 
> failure of footnote.

     Vaporware? The documentation includes three complete examples, two 
of which were provided by a user.

     I have attached a corrected and extended version of your test file. 
I don't see how you expect things to work if you can't spell macro names 
correctly and miss out some required macros, like \beginnumbering. It's 
a pity that you did not read the documentation more carefully, examine 
the examples and attempt to understand the error messages.

     In the future consider that the fault might lie with you.

Peter W.

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