[texhax] Found one more character I need...

Stanislaw Romanski s.romanski at datos.pl
Wed Oct 3 18:02:55 CEST 2007

Hi Phil,

I have to stress, the polish-specific characters are NOT the accented Latin 
these ARE different characters (nothing to do with accents) - even if some 
of them look like accented.
And polish typographs usually get furious (do you remember Jacko?) when 
someone tries to typeset polish texts using combinations of latin characters 
with accents, slashes and something instead of  "ogonek" (whatsit below 'a' 
or 'e').

Regarding to my TeX example, the idea was to provide a PDF file with all the 
"polish" characters and to show the source that does not use any backslashed 
constructs (to encourage using polish LaTeX); of course it can not be 
compiled successfully without
"%!tex --translate-file=cp1250pl ".



PS. I have not seen you in Bachotek for years ...

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> Czesc, Stanislaw : your test file didn't make it
> unscathed -- most of the diacritics are missing :-(
> As regards \'{C|c|N|n|O|o|S|s|Z|z}, all of these
> can be constructed using standard TeX acute accent;
> is it the case, though, that in Polish typography
> the accent is placed closer to the character than
> in (say) French ?
> ** Phil.
> --------
> Stanislaw Romanski wrote:
>> Below there is a TeX code and the PDF result is in the file attached.
>> S.R.
>> %===========================================================
>> %&pdfmex --translate-file=cp1250pl
>> \parindent 0pt
>> \parskip =9pt
>> Hi !
>> There are just 9 (nine) characters in polish alphabet
>> which are absent in Latin. These are:
>> \smallskip
>> \hbox to 3.3cm{a c e l n ó s z z}
>> \hbox to 3.3cm{A C E L N Ó S Z Z}

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