[texhax] Found one more character I need...

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Oct 3 15:43:47 CEST 2007

Czesc, Stanislaw : your test file didn't make it
unscathed -- most of the diacritics are missing :-(

As regards \'{C|c|N|n|O|o|S|s|Z|z}, all of these
can be constructed using standard TeX acute accent;
is it the case, though, that in Polish typography
the accent is placed closer to the character than
in (say) French ?

** Phil.
Stanislaw Romanski wrote:
> Below there is a TeX code and the PDF result is in the file attached.
> S.R.
> %===========================================================
> %&pdfmex --translate-file=cp1250pl
> \parindent 0pt
> \parskip =9pt
> Hi !
> There are just 9 (nine) characters in polish alphabet
> which are absent in Latin. These are:
> \smallskip
> \hbox to 3.3cm{a c e l n ó s z z}
> \hbox to 3.3cm{A C E L N Ó S Z Z}

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