[texhax] bst files

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it
Wed Nov 21 23:23:03 CET 2007

> Dear Phil,
> Thanks very much for your reply.

Not at all.

> [snip]
> I chose plainnat because it 
> allowed me to use the \citet and \citep forms of citation 
> (e.g., (Jones 1995) rather than [7]).  From the questions 
> makebst asked, I had the feeling that it didn't handle this 
> issue.  I certainly could be wrong.

These should work anyway - assuming lastfirst.bst respects natbib (as it

> > In this case you need ...\localtexmf\bib\bst\lastfirst.bst
> I just did this. BibTeX couldn't open lastfirst.bst.  Now what???

But you also need to refresh the filename database (use the MiKTeX settings

Cheers,  Phil

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