[texhax] Simple graph theory diagrams in a document

Tom Backer Johnsen backer at psych.uib.no
Wed Nov 21 20:30:27 CET 2007


Almost exactly a month ago, there were a question about drawing in a 
LatTex document.  I knew I would need a solution to that kind of 
problem, but not just right then.  So, I made a note, and left the 
problem for the time being.  Today, I looked at what I assumed was the 
outcome of the recomendations: pgf/tikz.

Dear me, a 248-page manual in color.  A very powerful tool. 
Obviously.  And very obviously a blatant overkill in my case.

I am writing a text within psychology there I employ basic stuff in 
graph theory.  The primary tool is what is called "signed and directed 
graphs", consisting of a set of points ("dots" on the paper) and a set 
of relations between them in the form of arrows (dashed for negative 
and solid for positive, which may be curved if there are arrows in 
both directions between two points).

So I need to draw something like that in the MS, only consisting of 
very few points, maximum of say five.  Possibly with some kind of 
label (x1, x2 etc.) on the points, and possibly with some value (-2 to 
+2) associated with the relations or arrows.

In other words, what I need is something that is "good enough", less 
of an overkill, but still producing nice diagrams.

Any suggestions?


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