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The simple answer is that you can't use MikTeX with MS Word.  Nor would
you want to.  Once you learn how to use LaTeX, I think you will never
want to use MS Word again, at least not for academic (esp mathematical)
writing. You can create your entire document in LaTeX.

MikTeX is just one distribution of LaTeX.  There are others.  But MikTex
should do you fine, if you are running Windows.

There are many online sites for documentation.  Here is one good place
to start:


Here is another:


Here is a great book for absolute beginners (which was me, not too long
ago):  Griffiths DF and Higham DJ.  Learning Latex.  Philadelphia:
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. ISBN 0-89871-383-8


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wilson ailen wrote:
> I recently downloaded Miktex software  to make mathematical documents. I
> am a first time user. How do I use it. Can I use it with Microsoft word?
> How do I use it in conjunction with Microsoft word?
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