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I'm a retired typesetter. Use to work on a QuadX system which use a lanquage call TEXT PROGRAMMING. We were able to create various programs. One was an underscoring program. We could very easily insert the following specs: 1) Rule weight; 2) baseline shift 3) and kerning around all of the descenders (y, g, p, etc.). In other words, we could tuck the underscores around the descenders for a perfect look. We would be able to create very precise and pleasing effects. Also, the same in creating fractions. We could also put a FORMAT like: {F23} in front of a block of text. And, have it look for a delimeter like:¶
  Format 23 would then suck up all the text up to that delimeter and process it according to what we had programmed in F23, etc. Can TeX do such feats? Please let me know.

Thank you in advance!


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