[texhax] Memoir Class and \newcommad in tabular argument

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Sun Nov 18 14:00:13 CET 2007

Swami Pallasena :

> With memoir class option, in tabular environment,
> \begin{tabular}c @{\hspace{3pt}} c}
> works fine giving 3pt intercolumn space.
> But if I abbreviate @{\hspace{3pt}} using
> \newcommand{\HS}{@{\hspace{3pt}}}
> and use
> \begin{tabular}{c \HK c}
> it does not compile and gives the  followingerror message:
> Class memoir Error -- Illegal pream-token {\HS}:  `c' used.
> This problem does not occur in `article class', where everything
> works fine.  So, how can I make the above `\renewcommad'
> work inside Tabular when using Memoir Class?
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do it as a \newcolumntype instead



\begin{tabular}{c H c}

works fine


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