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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Sat Nov 17 22:31:45 CET 2007


> It worked!!

Great!  (I thought your email was spam aat first because of the
subject! :-)

> Tom, I cannot thank you enough for your help. It wasn't easy, especially 
> because I'm a novice at the terminal, but thanks to your logical 
> instructions, I could follow the idea and adapt them to my particular 
> problem.

That's exactly how we all learn the command line.

> The key was in finding all the instances of "90 rotate" and similar in 
> the PostScript code. That wasn't so straightforward because
> grep '-90 rotate' paper.ps
> (and similar) gave a syntax error. It didn't like the minus sign.

Right.  It turns out that a number of unix commands have this effect
of having trouble with a dash because that's used as a flag indicator.
So people added a feature to get around it.  Try this:

grep -- '-90 rotate' paper.ps

The '--' tells grep to ignore the '-' later on.

Also you could have used

grep '90 rotate' paper.ps

and that would show all cases.

> Well, after lots of trials replacing strings and sets of strings and 
> getting nothing or all sorts ugly rotations, it dawned on me that, if 
> computers are strictly logical (and they are!) and you were right (and 
> you were!), I must be missing other instances of 90-degree rotations. In 
> the end, the three replacements I needed to make were for
> 90 rotate
> -90 neg rotate
> -90 mul rotate.
> With that,
> cat paper.ps |\
> sed "s/90 rotate/44 rotate 46 rotate/" |\
> sed "s/-90 neg rotate/-44 neg rotate -46 neg rotate/" |\
> sed "s/-90 mul rotate/-44 mul rotate -46 mul rotate/" |\
> cat > fixed.ps
> ps2pdf fixed.ps
> worked like a charm.


> Thanks a million!

You're welcome.

> Best wishes,
> Diego
> P.S. If people don't want their landscape pages to be displayed rotated 
> because they destroy the harmony of the on-screen document (or is it 
> just us?), why does Adobe even bother to act so "smart"? Is this another 
> instance of Garrett Hardin's* (sarcastic) Dogma of the Technological 
> Imperative? It says, "When we invent something, we are required to use 
> it." But are we?
> *Exploring New Ethics for Survival, p. 141.

Apparently it's controllable in ps2pdf - note the other people pointed
out this flag:

> -dAutoRotatePages=/None (# in stead of = on
> Windows systems) as option to ps2pdf?

But I agree - one should not have to turn this silly "smart" feature
off, it should be off by default.



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