[texhax] Slides -> Poster

Ricardo Lima rlima_p at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 05:47:44 CET 2007

Thank you for your help

I was able to create the poster as I wanted (except the background). These are
the steps I took:
1- with pdfnup I created a single file with all the slides of my presentation.
2- with the dc a0poster I created the title
3- in the previous file I inserted:
\includegraphics[width=80cm,keepaspectratio=T,bb=0 66 595 778]{teste}
to insert the file teste.pdf
4- I cannot use \includepdf because it inserts a new page
5- pdflatex, and I have the poster.

However, I was not able to set the background color. The point is that:
1- when I set the background color to black, the slides inserted became also
black, but I can see the other colors.
2- thus, in the presentation I set one slide with background color to white and
remaining to red.
3- the final result is that black overlaps the white. So the white is not really

Do you have any suggestion regarding the background?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Ricardo Lima <rlima_p at yahoo.com> wrote: Hi,
I hope that you can give me some feedback about creating a poster from slides.
This is the situation:
1- I created a set of slides with latex and prosper
2- I have the slides available in .ps  and .pdf
3- I would like to create a poster (a0) based on the montage of the slides I have produced. Is that possible? Is there any automatic way of doing this?
4- What is the best approach:
4.1- use montage to put all slides in one a0 poster
4.1.1- use psnup
4.2- use a0poster dc and just copy the information from my latex prosper file to a0poster file
4.3- use other software 
5- I want a background color

Thanks in advance for your help.

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