[texhax] FAQ and header-size vs. body-placement

Mads Birkholm madsder at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 16:15:07 CEST 2007

Hello TUG

I have a problem, and I cannot find any answer to it in your faq, nor
else on the internet. My problem is this:

I want to create a LaTeX-document with the same header on every page
(including the first page). The body-text on pages 2, 3, 4 and onwards
seem to adjust correctly to the size of the header. But the body-text on
page 1 does not adjust to the size of the header. The bodytext is placed
a certain length away from the top of the page, regardless if it means that
body and header collides. It looks quite ridiculous...

Can you help me find out what I can do to make the first-page text adjust to
size of the header?

Here is a sample document, that shows my problem. Just compile and
watch the output :)


\fancyhead[OL,EL]{Headertext \\Headertext \\Headertext \\Headertext \
\Headertext \\Headertext \\}

\noindent Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \
\Bodytext \\Bodytext
\noindent Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \
\Bodytext \\Bodytext
\noindent Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \\Bodytext \
\Bodytext \\Bodytext
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