[texhax] link to references points to wrong page

Philip G. Ratcliffe philip.ratcliffe at fastwebnet.it
Mon Jan 15 18:30:48 CET 2007

> I asked this about a week ago, but haven't  any success in fixing it.
> My problem is that I am writing a tutorial on a software, using
> pdflatex and hyperref. No matter how many times I run pdflatex (and I
> run it a lot of times), the link to the References section points to
> the wrong page,  usually to the page where the last section before
> References begin. Has anyone seen this before?
> This is in my preamble.tex:
> \usepackage[pdftex,
> bookmarks=false,
> bookmarksnumbered=false,
> a4paper,
> breaklinks=true,
> colorlinks=false,
> pdftitle={Digital Terrain Analysis with GRASS-GIS},
> pdfauthor={Carlos Henrique Grohmann -- IGc-USP},
> pdfsubject={},
> pdfkeywords={}
> ]{hyperref}
> thanks for helping.

You'll have to give more detail; I just tried this preamble and works fine.
In particular, where do you put the \label command - it must go AFTER the
\begin{thebibliography}{} command - which is a problem if you're using

I also tried it with \usepackage{tocbibind} and the pointer in the table of
contents is ok too.

Cheers,  Phil Ratcliffe 

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