[texhax] currentlabel and usebox

Francesca De Angeli fdeangeli at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 19:36:32 CEST 2006


I would like to redefine the current label of a new command using the  
value of a savebox and a counter. My first guess would have been the  


        {\csname p at req \endcsname \usebox{\reqsbox} -\thereq}%

This does not run. If I substitute


  in the definition of currentlabel with

\leavevmode \copy \reqsbox \relax

it runs but unfortunaly the label assigned to each "req" is wrong.
For instance if I have in my tex file:


..... \ref{req:t-perf:1} ...



the resulting label is S-GEN-1 instead of T-PERF-1. The counter is  
assigned correctly (I checked in the case of more than one "req"  
defined), but the content of the saved box is the one defined where  
the \ref{} command is used and not the \label{} one.

I would greatly appreciate your help!
Please do not hesitate contacting me if my problem is not made enough  

Thanks in advance,
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  Francesca De Angeli                         E-mail: fda at ast.cam.ac.uk
  Institute of Astronomy
  University of Cambridge
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  Cambridge, CB3 0HA, UK

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