[texhax] adding boldface to \tt

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Oct 31 22:34:39 CET 2006

    uwe> It shouldn't be so difficult to turn any TeX source of a "font

No, I mean something else entirely: a script that looks at the installed
TeX tree, finds all the zillions of tfm's, and *generates* a sampler,
showing the families installed, the encodings supported, the variants
supported, etc.  For what is actually available in the *current*

    wadams> Perhaps a better solution here would be to have a default
    location for packages which install fonts?

1) Anything that requires infrastructure changes means it will only be
   useful on a tiny fraction of installs.  Few people install a new TeX.

2) My thought was to show actual fonts, not just package names.
   "mathptmx" doesn't tell anyone what it is.

Anyway, just dreaming.


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