[texhax] adding boldface to \tt

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Oct 30 21:26:59 CET 2006

At 16:48 29.10.06, Karl Berry wrote:

>Many people
>don't really want to see a few thousand tfm file names as the answer to
>the question, "What fonts do I have?".
>I suggest looking at http://tug.org/fonts/ (and the links thereon) for
>human-written listing of the free fonts available for TeX.  Just about
>all of them are in TeX Live, and probably other distributions too.
>I don't know of any program which can look at an entire TeX installation
>and create a sensible font chart showing what is available.  It would be
>a nice thing to have.  Maybe someone here would like to write it?

It shouldn't be so difficult to turn any TeX source of a "font sampler"
into such a program. I have looked at


which, to be sure, addresses only a similar question.
It or some macros might be changed such that if something
is missing (e.g., the definition of the name for the symbol)
something like "not available here" is typeset instead of
sending an error message. Indeed, a table at the end of
symbols.dvi lists packages which have been found or
not found. You get it by "latex symbols" with \nonstopmode.

I rather would guess that some of those "font samplers"
already have TeX sources with similar facilities.

Basically, -- for this appoach -- one just needs a list of what
"might be there", like packages with symbols.tex, or a list
of font names. A "program" on this approach is of course
unable to recognize a newly made font that isn't known
to symbols.tex.


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