[texhax] (no subject)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat May 20 18:56:29 CEST 2006

    Do the downloads available from TUG satisfy the Tiger system for
    Latex 2e as a complete subtitute for the bluesky latex?  

I cannot say if the free TeX downloads are "complete substitute",
but they are certainly a complete TeX system, including LaTeX 2e.

    Do they include the "engines" so that the typeset copy comes out
    with graphics?  Which download do you recommend.

Well, the answer is yes, of course you can include graphics in TeX
documents, although the way you phrase your question makes me think
bluesky does something unusual in this regard.

    Which download do you recommend.

The easiest to install is probably Dick Koch's MacTeX.dmg (a superset of
gwTeX).  It's available here, among other places:

See http://tug.org/mactex for more details on TeX on MacOSX.

Hope this helps,

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