[texhax] More on changing font sizes in tables

hgi hgi at shaw.ca
Tue May 16 06:45:19 CEST 2006

Hi All!

The following seems to work to change the font size (although \small didn't work):

\tiny Case Designation  &\tiny Under Max &\tiny Over Max \\     
\tiny ETW      &\tiny 32.8\% &\tiny 67.2\% \\
\tiny ETW-MC   &\tiny 33.6\% &\tiny 66.4\% \\
\tiny NEO      &\tiny 38.9\% &\tiny 61.1\% \\
\tiny PPMB     &\tiny 34.7\% &\tiny 65.3\% \\
\tiny PWD      &\tiny 36.2\% &\tiny 63.8\% \\
\tiny All   &\tiny 35.4\%  &\tiny 64.6\% \\ 

This is ok, but isn't there anything more global than specifying the size for each and every number?

Again, my sincere thanks!

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