[texhax] Puzzling (La)TeX output

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Tue May 9 00:08:31 CEST 2006

On May 8, 2006, at 04:10 , Martin Schröder wrote:

> On 2006-05-04 14:30:06 -0700, Justin C. Walker wrote:
>> \newcommand{\dx}{\rm dx}
>                    ^^^
> Please read an introduction on font-changing commands in LaTeX
> that is newer than 1995. \rm has been deprecated since the
> release of LaTeX2e.

Based on this and other comments (for which, thanks!), and motivated  
by a comment in another thread, I went out and bought 'l2tabuen', and  
read it cover to cover (except for the part about the license) :-}

Thanks again.



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