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Oh, Seung T seung.oh at imperial.ac.uk
Fri May 5 12:34:45 CEST 2006

Hi there.
I'm a PhD student in U.K. currently writing up the thesis.
I'am at entry level on Lyx and currently encountering lots of problems.
The solution I've been trying to find was not on the website so I was wondering if I could get the solution from you.
The problem I have is with the subfigures.
I've used float:figure to create a page of 6 subfigures. Didn't use any minipages with in the float.
Problem 1) After inserting the graphics, if you click on the image the graphics window pops out. On the first page, you can adjust the output size. How exactly does this sizing function work?
Problem 2) Clicking on the next page on the window, I get clipping. After inserting the graphics, If I don't set this clipping thing (under the Right top section) I get error message while converting it to DVI. How does this Clipping work?
Problem 3) Coming back to subfigures, I've managed to somehow place the six images in good arrangement without knowing how I've done it (encountering the problems above). But the problem is that, the subfigure counter that appears automatically under each subfigure, when I tick the subfigure function on the third page of the graphics window, is centered only on the left column of figures with respect to the figures. For the right column of figures, these are off-centered to the left. How do I overcome this problem?
Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Truly,
Seung-Taek Oh
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