[texhax] PDF viewer

Michael Barr mbarr at math.mcgill.ca
Sun May 7 13:16:44 CEST 2006

Interesting replies.  Mostly that it works better under Unix/Linux and 
Mac.  My fault for not saying I use windows.  The sine qua non is that I 
am not changing the editor that I have been using, with appropriate 
upgrades, for 22 years.  No version is made for Unix or Mac, so they are 
not options.  I am so comfortable with that editor (Kedit, if you are 
interested, but I am not advocating it for anyone else) that it feels like 
an extension of my fingers.

Phillip Taylor suggests that one can just use Winedt for compiling and 
viewing and another editor for editing.  Maybe I will try it; my dept has 
a site licence so it would even be free.  

The suggestion of just using latex and converting to pdf at the end (or 
using pdflatex at the end) is a good one, except in this case, I am 
dealing with reprinting a book that comes with its own hand-drawn graphics 
in a format I have never heard of (png) and I thought I would get away 
with putting a wrapper on and using pdfpages.  There seem to be problems 
so I will go back to compiling it (sans graphics) until I solve them and 
only then use pdflatex.

Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions.

Michael Barr

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