[texhax] using both sides of page for a 2-up latex document?

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Tue May 2 15:18:56 CEST 2006

Hmmm, took me a while to envision what you are describing, but now that 
I've got it . . . I like it.  If I undersand you correctly, there is no 
absolute need for me to have two pages, one with

text | text

and the other with

art | art

Instead I could just make a single page with

art | text   (or vice versa)

and print it twice.  And if I insert the paper *back* into my printer 
properly, then in the second printing, text will print on the back of 
art and art on the back of text.

Thank you.

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Barbara Beeton wrote:
> here's a slightly different way of approaching this.
> use landscape format and two columns.
> if you put the invitation on the left, and the picture
> on the right, treating them as two pages of the same
> document, you could then duplex the paper in landscape
> mode (so that the pages reverse along the short side) and
> the cut results should be the same as if you had put two
> columns of text on the front and two images on the back.
> treating the two parts as a single document might make
> it easier to get the picture centered -- you can use
> the "figure" and "center" environments with the same
> column layout.
> 							-- bb

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