[texhax] how to satisfy a high school English teacher

Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at fh-aachen.de
Wed Mar 15 20:31:28 CET 2006

Hi Christopher,

Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
> I could get the list of References to start with title for those 
> references with anonymous authors, just by leaving author {} field in 
> BibTex file empty.  But then Latex/Bibtex put (Ano. 1996) for the 
> in-line citation (which I also think is proper.)  But I could not get 
> the title to appear for the in-line citation. (I suspect because this 
> is not supposed to be done.)
Just a very quick rough and dirty  idea. Did you try to write the title 
inside the authors field? Maybe you have to use proper brackets to 
prevent any abbreviation.

> Is there a way to make the title appear in the in-text citation, for 
> anonymous references?
> Eventually we just went back to (Anonymous 1996), which I think is the 
> correct form anyway.
> Thanks.
However, this is a typical example of what happen if the MS-Word world 
meets TeX. Some referees and lectures like to move pictures to other 
positions. Some don't accept the way of a TeX-layout and disagree with 
margins and spaces. However, most of them have absolutely no idea about 
proper layout and typesetting and just follow there own MS-Word 
experience . Better would be to show that the way you use are the 
correct way. You might switch you reference style to a very common way. 
(DIN Style for Germany, Oxford or Harvard Style for UK and US). After 
that explain the teacher that you refer according to this international 
accepted style and demonstrate that big publishing houses (Wiley, 
Elsevier, Springer, etc.) use the same way.

Good luck

Just my two cents


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