Fwd: Re: [texhax] Problem with amsmath and wasysym

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Thu Mar 9 19:26:21 CET 2006

I wrote:

>At 15:19 09.03.06, Barbara Beeton wrote:
>>hi, zac,
>>     When I tried to run latex on a file with amsmath and wasysym, I got the
>>     following error.  I'm not a LaTeX expert, but I did deduce that wasysym
>>     defines \iint and so does amsmath and they conflict.  How should I solve
>>     this if I want to include both these files in my document?
>>first, decide which form of \iint you want to use
>>(if any).  load the other package first, and then
>>add the line
>>   \let\iint\relax
>>that will make latex think that \iint hasn't been
>>defined, and when the version you want comes along
>>in the package you've chosen, the desired \iint
>>will be defined with no problem.
>>if you really want to use both, after loading the
>>first package add the lines
>>   \let\otheriint\iint
>>   \let\iint\relax
>>then you can use \otheriint (you can substitute a
>>name you like better) and \iint both in suitable
>So solving the problem seems to be possible with
>"pure" LaTeX code (at least if one doesn't want to
>use both styles of integral symbols in the same

The latter seems to be possible with package option
`compat1' -- it seems to _me_, however, the .pdf warns
about use of amsmath with this, which I don't understand.

According to the .dtx, Walter Schmidt holds the copyright
for the recent version, together with Axel Kielhorn.

-- Uwe. 

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