[texhax] Problem with amsmath and wasysym

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Thu Mar 9 18:49:17 CET 2006

Hi both of you,

At 15:19 09.03.06, Barbara Beeton wrote:
>hi, zac,
>     When I tried to run latex on a file with amsmath and wasysym, I got the
>     following error.  I'm not a LaTeX expert, but I did deduce that wasysym
>     defines \iint and so does amsmath and they conflict.  How should I solve
>     this if I want to include both these files in my document?
>first, decide which form of \iint you want to use
>(if any).  load the other package first, and then
>add the line
>   \let\iint\relax
>that will make latex think that \iint hasn't been
>defined, and when the version you want comes along
>in the package you've chosen, the desired \iint
>will be defined with no problem.
>if you really want to use both, after loading the
>first package add the lines
>   \let\otheriint\iint
>   \let\iint\relax
>then you can use \otheriint (you can substitute a
>name you like better) and \iint both in suitable

the author of wasysym, Axel Kielhorn, has been aware of
the problem. Look at the package documentation in
wasysym.pdf. I am not sure whether I understand it entirely,
but either
should yield compatibility with amsmath, and the
documentation explains which package option yields
which way of dealing with amsmath, as Barbara has
discussed with \let (see the `Integrals' section of the
documentation as well as the `Changes' section
concluding wasysym.pdf -- which has tiny 3 pages).
So solving the problem seems to be possible with
"pure" LaTeX code (at least if one doesn't want to
use both styles of integral symbols in the same

-- Maybe zac has not used wasysym version 2.0
-- which introduced these package options --
and neither has seen its documentation
(dating from 2003/10/30).

Hope this helps,

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