[texhax] picins bug

Steve Schwartz s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Feb 18 18:07:08 CET 2006

I am using the picins package to flow text around a figure. It has the
advantage over others (wrapfig and floatflt) that it works within list
environments. However, the attached example shows that it does not
properly restore the list indentation if used in only one of the list
items. The one following the picins is ok, but the 2nd and subsequent
after that is incorrect. [The example uses twocolumn mode to minimise
the size of the example; the same behaviour occurs in single column

I have a workaroud, which is to put a blank \parpic at the end of each
following item. That adds a bit of vertical space but is otherwise ok.
Another workaround would be welcome.

It would seem that the author of this package is not traceable, and the
code too dense for me to figure out what is going wrong. Has someone
else hit/solved this? It's an old (latex209?) package; version 3.0.


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