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Hello.  I think maybe the inbook or incollection will do this, but this
might not be the  exact solution you're looking for.  When I've been faced
with this problem, I believe I solved it by working around it:

author = "John Locke (ed. Peter Laslett)"

or something of that nature.  I might put it in the title field, depending
on where you want it to end up.

In the hope that this is helpful,


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On Fri, 17 Feb 2006, David Wiens wrote:

> Is there any way to enable BibTex to permit both the author and editor
> lines of a book entry to be used? I have found that many of the primary
> texts I want to cite need this functionality. For example, if I want to
> cite a particular edition of John Locke's _Two Treatises of
> Government_, I need to enter Locke as the author, but I also need to
> enter Peter Laslett as the editor of this particular edition. BibTeX
> won't allow me to do this (at least with the various .bst files I have
> tried). Can this restriction be overcome in some way? I haven't been
> able to find an answer to this anywhere online.
> Thanks for the help.
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