[texhax] Harvard 6. Edition BibStyle

Pascal Schrafl pschrafl at gmx.ch
Thu Feb 16 15:08:12 CET 2006

Hello there,

I'm a student and I should use the Harvard Style for my paper, that I 
write in LaTeX (I'm on a mac, using TeXShop). I found the old 
harvard.sty (year 1996), but I'm not capable of adding the correct 
electronic publication style (like webpages or URLs) to my references. 
As far as I have seen, the Harvard 6. Edition style covers the URL 
referencing, but I didn't find any suitable style (including the last 
accessed date, and online available sentence in the reference). If 
someone could help me out, with letting me know, how to implement such 
a .bst in my latex document, I would be very happy.

Thanks a lot for your response.



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