[texhax] Accessing some symbols from MusiXTeX

Swami Pallasena swami at math.mun.ca
Sat Apr 29 11:18:30 CEST 2006

I need to use three symbols in a LaTeX document, that are
available in MusiXTeX package.  On Page 277 of LaTeX Graphic
Companion, Table 7 (prepared by Daniel Taupin) the following
symbols are produced (inside the "music" environment) by the
commands \ds, \fermatup, and \ds:

i) \ds (line 7, 4th symbol there that looks like a left hook)

ii) \fermatup (an inverted semicircle with central dot, in last
line, first symbol)

iii) \segno ( a -45 degree slant (to left) calligraphic S, with a
forward slash and two dots,  that appears in the middle on  the
last but one line in the same example).

(Unfortunately LaTeX complains \ds as undefined, while other
commands in that example work fine).

How can I  define these symbols, and use the new definitions
in a LaTeX document, so that simply typing \segno,
\fermatup, \ds, I should be able to produce these symbols. Is
there a way that I can access these symbols by just typing
char{xxx}, or something similar? Any help will be appreciated.

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