[texhax] Accessing some symbols from MusiXTeX

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Sat Apr 29 18:46:42 CEST 2006

Swami Pallasena skrev:

> How can I  define these symbols, and use the new definitions
> in a LaTeX document, so that simply typing \segno,
> \fermatup, \ds, I should be able to produce these symbols. Is
> there a way that I can access these symbols by just typing
> char{xxx}, or something similar? Any help will be appreciated.

 From looking in the code in musixtex.tex it seems that you can get the 
symbols with \musixchar60, \musixchar80 and \musixchar86, respectively. 
You need to load musixtex.

You have to position the symbols yourself, I think. I tried something like:
\newcommand{\writesegno}{\hbox to 1.5em{\kern 0.6em\musixchar86\hss}}

I don't know if there is a better way. I'm sure there is but you 
probably need to look in the documentation for musixtex to find out how.

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