[texhax] BachoTeX 2006---remider and highlights

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at uni.torun.pl
Sun Apr 9 22:17:48 CEST 2006

To late-comers to the BachoTeX 2006 conference!

This is the last chance to register for the conference. At the
bottom of this message you will find out how to  avoid the
``penalty fee'' for late registration, but please, first read the
message. GUST and Polish Linux User Group's members are eligible
for a special rate. Conference info, its program and the
registration form are available at

It is really worth coming to Bachotek for the BachoTeX 2006

This years program is really rich, with a lot of attention devoted
to beginners, but advanced TeX users will certainly will be more than
satisfied with the program. You will surely find something for
yourself! Here are the reasons for coming, the conference highlights:

*** Jonathan Kew will do the first public ever---here at
    BachoTeX---presentation of the port of the XeTeX system to Linux.
    The system is an extension of TeX that integrates its typesetting
    capabilities with the Unicode text encoding standard, supporting
    all the world's scripts, and with modern font technologies
    provided by today's operating systems and text layout services.

*** Bogusław Jackowski and Janusz M. Nowacki will present the
    version 1.0 of the Latin Modern fonts, which surely are fit for us
    with XeTeX.

*** Adam Twardoch will present a documentary strip ``The Man of
    Black and White: Adrian Frutiger'' made by Christoph Frutiger, a
    professional director of photography and nephew of Adrian

*** Andrzej Tomaszewski talk about incorporating of essential,
    artistic and technical requirements into a design of a literary

*** Marcin Woliński, the author of the ``mwcls'', the Polish set of
    LaTeX classes and translator of Leslie Lamport's book ``LaTeX.
    A Document Preparation System'' will contrast the logical and
    visual markup approaches when organizing work on a publication.

*** Hans Hagen, the author of ConTeXt, will introduce LuaTeX, an
    extension of TeX with the scripting language Lua and discuss the
    possible interfaces.

*** Włodzimierz Bzyl, Piotr Bolek i Adam Dawidziuk, will talk about
    their translation of Donald Knuth's ``The TeXbook''.

*** the TeX Clinic, an exceptional GUST initiative, is aimed at
    authors (also students) trying to typeset their theses,
    articles or diplomas with TeX; we invite them to come to
    BachoTeX with their manuscripts and use the there available
    knowledge pool to make a head start.

*** And perhaps most important for beginners: TeX, LaTeX and
    ConTeXt introduction courses during the first day of the
    conference; during the following days lectures will be given with
    important topics: working with bibliographies, basics of      
    typography, how to report problems at user grups mailing lists
    or how to deal with editors requirements.

*** Advanced TeX users will have their feast discussing this year's
    ``TeX Pearls'' submissions.

Of course not only the contents of the presentations is important.
Our presenters are renown for very high quality of the form in
which they deliver talks.

Non-Polish speakers will find friendly translators next to them
whenever needed.

The full program with titles of talks and abstracts in both Polish
and English can be found at the conference site:
http://www.gust.org.pl/BachoTeX/2006. The detailed, hourly
conference plan will be published soon.

And here is the promised way to avoid the ``penalty fee'' for late
registration. You should register not later then Friday, 14th of
April and enter the text ``XeTeX, Frutiger, LMs, Clinic'' in the
field for comments at the end of the registration form
(http://www.gust.org.pl/BachoTeX/2006/ > Registration).

Jerzy Ludwichowski
(for the Program Commitee)

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