[texhax] redefine section heading in memoir class

Paul Tremblay phthenry at iglou.com
Mon Apr 10 01:39:12 CEST 2006

Can someone tell me how to create a hanging title when creating a
title with the \section* command in the memoir class? 

% set this to a positive value

% the amount to indent the section head

% before the heading

% after the heading

% define the section
\newcommand{\mysec}[1]{\bfseries \fontsize{24}{29}\selectfont\setlength{\parindent}{-36pt}{#1}}

\renewcommand{\secheadstyle} {\mysec}
% renew the section command

%write the section
%\section*{1.1 This is  the section which is a long section about modernizing and so fourth}

Notice the \parindent in the \newcommand above. It has no effect.
However, if I use this command:

\newcommand{\mysec}[1]{\bfseries \fontsize{24}{29}\selectfont\setlength{\parindent}{-36pt}\emph{#1}}

Then I get a perfect hanging title.




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*phthenry at iglou.com    *

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