[texhax] problematic slide with beamer

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Sat Oct 1 11:39:44 CEST 2005

Christopher W. Ryan :

> I've wracked my brain trying to troubleshoot this presentation, without 
> succes.  I wonder if anyone can find the error(s) that I can't.
> This is on frame of about 30 in my presentation.  I'm using beamer. I've 
> tried it at work in Win98, using TeXniCenter, and TextPad as the editors, and 
> MikTex.  I've tried it at home on a commercialized version of debian linux, 
> using Kile.  It won't compile in either environment.
> The presentation uses a number of hyperlinks back and forth between sections.
> I understand that it may be impossible to troubleshoot on the List, without 
> access to the entire source file.  If so, c'est la vie, but thanks for your 
> consideration.
> --Chris

I didn't have the outlines package, but this now compiles on my system


\frametitle{Categories of diagnoses}
 	&	Morrison	&	Sugarman 	&	Lane 	& 
1990}{\beamergotobutton{Kirk}}	\\
 	&	1980	&	1984	&	1990	&	1990	\\
 	``Physical''	&		39\%	&	22\%	& 
8\%		&	63\%	\\
 	``Psychologocal''	&	41\%	&	50\%	&	& 
37\%	\\
 	``Mixed''	&	12\%	&	&	&	\\
 	``Undetermined''	&	8\%	&	28\%	&	&

\note{Making this kind of distinction is not usually productive.
Fatigue is truly a biopsychosocial symptom, requiring simultaneous
evaluation of all three of those spheres of life.

If a long and expensive and invasive work-up to ``rule out'' physical
causes of fatigue produces nothing, and the patient is told ``it must be
psychological,'' it leaves a very bad taste \dots  Better to acknowledge
all the potential diagnoses ``up front'' \ldots

Kirk's ``dropouts'' were significantly more likely to be depressed, and
significantly less likely to be married or employed.  This probably led
to a systematic exclusion from these final numbers of those with fatigue
on a ``psychosocial'' basis.}



``You cannot help men permanently by doing for them 
what they could and should do for themselves. ''
  -- Abraham Lincoln

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