[texhax] problematic slide with beamer

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Sat Oct 1 03:24:14 CEST 2005

I've wracked my brain trying to troubleshoot this presentation, without 
succes.  I wonder if anyone can find the error(s) that I can't.

This is on frame of about 30 in my presentation.  I'm using beamer. 
I've tried it at work in Win98, using TeXniCenter, and TextPad as the 
editors, and MikTex.  I've tried it at home on a commercialized version 
of debian linux, using Kile.  It won't compile in either environment.

The presentation uses a number of hyperlinks back and forth between 

I understand that it may be impossible to troubleshoot on the List, 
without access to the entire source file.  If so, c'est la vie, but 
thanks for your consideration.


Here is my preamble, as it stands:


Here is what seems to be the problematic frame.  Most/all of the error 
messages refer to line 289, which is the last line in this frame, 
containing just a single, frame-closing curly brace.

\frametitle{Categories of diagnoses}
	&	Morrison	&	Sugarman 	&	Lane 	&	\hyperlink{Kirk 
1990}{\beamergotobutton{Kirk}}	\\
	&	1980	&	1984	&	1990	&	1990	\\
	``Physical''	&		39\%	&	22\%	&	8\%		&	63\%	\\
	``Psychologocal''	&	41\%	&	50\%	&	&	37\%	\\
	``Mixed''	&	12\%	&	&	&	\\
	``Undetermined''	&	8\%	&	28\%	&	&	

\note{Making this kind of distinction is not usually productive. 
Fatigue is truly a biopsychosocial symptom, requiring simultaneous 
evaluation of all three of those spheres of life.

If a long and expensive and invasive work-up to ``rule out'' physical 
causes of fatigue produces nothing, and the patient is told ``it must be 
psychological,'' it leaves a very bad taste \dots  Better to acknowledge 
all the potential diagnoses ``up front'' \ldots

Kirk's ``dropouts'' were significantly more likely to be depressed, and 
significantly less likely to be married or employed.  This probably led 
to a systematic exclusion from these final numbers of those with fatigue 
on a ``psychosocial'' basis.}

Here is the gist of the error messages:

fatiguebeamer.tex:289:Extra \fi. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:Environment undefined. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:\begin{beamer at framepauses} on input line 289 ended 
by \end{center}. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:\begin{beamer at framepauses} on input line 289 ended 
by \end{table}. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:\begin{beamer at frameslide} on input line 289 ended 
by \end{beamer at framepauses}. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:Missing } inserted. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:Too many }'s. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:Undefined control sequence. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:\begin{document} ended by \end{beamer at frameslide}. }
fatiguebeamer.tex:289:Extra \endgroup. }

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