[texhax] Cross-referencing paragraphs not in the Table of Contents

Teigen Jan Gunnar jan.teigen at vegvesen.no
Sat Nov 12 17:43:09 CET 2005


I am writing on a document for some 'rules and regulations' in pdfTex
where I use the paragraph sectioning command a lot. It is not practical
to include these paragraphs in the Table of Content since they are
numerous and without heading (but I include them as bookmarks). However,
it is 'a must' to be able cross-referencing the individual paragraphs.
So far, I have used a LaTex-structure like this for each paragraph:
Text of the paragraph ..........

This works fine for the bookmark, and also for the hyperlink when I
write '\ref{key}' or '\pageref{key}' (I jump to the correct paragraph).
However, the problem is that '\ref{key}' yields the overlaying
subsection-number (which is in ToC), instead of the actual

I understand that this is not a bug in LaTex, just the way it is meant
to work. However, what I miss here is the following extention of the
ref-command: \ref[counter]{key}, with a counter optional (in my case
paragraph). Maybe this can be enabled using the \renewcommand, but I
don't have the skills.
COan you help me finding a way around this problem? 

Kind regards
Jan Teigen
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