[texhax] saved macro files?

tom sgouros tomfool at as220.org
Fri Nov 11 15:12:53 CET 2005

Kate Hayes <khayes at ppi2pass.com> wrote:

> Right. I do already have several separate files. But you know, when
> you want to apply a certain macro file to a document, you have to
> select the text in the macro file, copy it, and then "paste program"
> in the document? And then you have to go through every single key
> combination to define the ones that are in use? 

Again, I'm not sure I understand.  What do key combinations have to do
with TeX?  That sounds more like an editor issue, in which case, you
should tell us what editor you're using.


> That redefining with
> every different macro file is what I'd like to avoid. For that matter,
> even when using a macro file in a document, you have to redefine all
> of the key combinations whenever you made a change to the macro file.
> Y'know?
> >Kate Hayes <khayes at ppi2pass.com> wrote:
> >
> >>  I make extensive use of TeX macros (we use plain old TeX on Mac OS9),
> >>  and I'd love it if there were an easy way to apply different macro
> >>  files, depending on the document, so I didn't have to keep switching
> >>  and (argh) re-entering the macros every darn time I switch projects.
> >
> >Presumably you're talking about something more convenient than putting
> >your macros together into different files for different kinds of
> >projects.  I'm not sure what you're imagining, but try describing it,
> >and perhaps someone's done it.
> >
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