[texhax] Bilbliography problem

Susan Dittmar S.Dittmar at eureca.de
Tue Nov 8 16:41:55 CET 2005

> 2) If you are the expert, then if a question seems to you to be stupid,
> ignorant, poorly phrased or whatever, I think you have two choices:
>    a)  Delete it, or at least, don't answer it.
>    b) Give a POLITE response asking for more information.

I totally agree with that! I'm not really new to LaTeX (11 years
using it, and my friends all call me their personal TeX-guru),
yet, always being more user than coder, it still takes me quite a
lot of work to reduce my problems to the point that they are
easily accessed and answered by others.

This list is read and posted to by people of very different
levels of understanding, from beginners to those who wrote the
very backbones of today's LaTeX styles. This makes things quite

In such an environment, only politeness can help, I think. And
concerning that, unfortunately, the levels are very different
from poster to poster and from posting to posting here, a fact I
really regret.

I sometimes think it would be best to handle postings like the
requests of three-year-old. If the little one comes with a polite
request, I surely will consider it. If he just yells at me, I
will ignore him. No need to become angry myself at all - it is
his problem, not mine.

Robin, I think it would be a shame to loose you. I learned a lot
from the answers you (and others) gave to the questions on this
list, and I would miss them.


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