[texhax] Win32 installer still needed?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu May 12 22:55:00 CEST 2005

Hi Christopher,

Thank you very much for writing.

    If this is the wrong address for these questions, please accept my

Well, tex-live at tug.org is probably the best place to discuss it, but the
important thing is that you wrote at all :).

    I have a few questions about installing TeX Live on Windows, if
    someone has a moment to answer them.

    Is a Windows installer program still needed for TeX Live?

There are projects underway, see below.  I imagine help would be

    Does anyone have a list of requirements for an installer?

Sebastian and I wrote some background response to a previous
query, see the thread at:

    Is RDF / TPM preferred over the Microsoft(TM) installer?

Well, opinions differ.  Fabrice Popineau, the long-time maintainer of
fpTeX (Web2c under Windows), is now working on XEmTeX, with an MSI-based

Another volunteer is working on a Python-based installer using the TPM
files directly.

And there is a command-line installer for Windows now, which also uses
the TPM's.  Written by Pawel Jackowski since the TL 2004 release.  See

If you're interested in helping any of the above, let me know and we can
discuss further.  I would hate to see any volunteer assistance for
Windows go unused :).

    After using LaTeX 2.09 in the early 1990's, I switched to Windows
    computers and haven't touched LaTeX in over ten years. I couldn't
    seem to forget the quality of print when using LaTeX for a simple
    letter, forms, and larger documents. I joined TUG and now have a
    copy of TeX Live 2004. Installation with Cygwin and the MinGW MSys
    shell hasn't worked 

In order to get going with TeX without writing your own installer :),
you might try the tltpm command-line installer above, or the protext
installation, which is based on miktex instead of web2c.
    and I thought about writing my own installer. I've explored the
    basics of RDF which I found interesting with the potential for
    software installation. If I can make time from other projects I will
    continue my explorations.

I don't know much about RDF.  We maintain the TeX Live packages as TPM
files, as I guess you know.  If TPM can be automatically converted to
RDF, I suppose it is a possibility.


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