[texhax] Win32 installer still needed?

Christopher Stoffel cesupe at verizon.net
Wed May 11 19:37:02 CEST 2005

If this is the wrong address for these questions, please accept my

I have a few questions about installing TeX Live on Windows, if someone has
a moment to answer them.

Is a Windows installer program still needed for TeX Live?

Does anyone have a list of requirements for an installer?

Is RDF / TPM preferred over the Microsoft(TM) installer?

After using LaTeX 2.09 in the early 1990's, I switched to Windows computers
and haven't touched LaTeX in over ten years. I couldn't seem to forget the
quality of print when using LaTeX for a simple letter, forms, and larger
documents. I joined TUG and now have a copy of TeX Live 2004. Installation
with Cygwin and the MinGW MSys shell hasn't worked and I thought about
writing my own installer. I've explored the basics of RDF which I found
interesting with the potential for software installation. If I can make time
from other projects I will continue my explorations.


Christopher E. Stoffel
email: cesupe at verizon.net

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