[texhax] TeXLive 2004

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Feb 24 20:13:11 CET 2005

    Because I wanted to support TUG, I have been a member for several years 

Thank you.

    find that the documentation provided is increasingly inadequate.  Where 

Sorry to hear it.  I extensively rewrote it for 2004, but apparently
failed to cover what you were looking for.

    1) What are the names of the packages and collections which can be 
    intalled individually?

I didn't put the full lists in the doc because they are incredibly long.
If you run install-tl.sh (under Unix) and type c, you'll see the list of
collections.  (And s will give you a few different "schemes", ie, groups
of collections.)

As for packages, there are almost 2000 of them.  If you really want to
see the complete list, the texmf*/tpm/*.tpm files on the live CD, or
look in the archive/ directory on the inst CD.

    2) If one wants to use initex to build fmt files, to which of the two 
    web2c directories should they be moved?

texmf-var/web2c.  In general, stuff that is dynamically built goes in
texmf-var.  The top-level directories are briefly described in

The distribution should already be able to build any .fmt file
automatically, just by invoking the program.

    3) Is there updated information about adding new directories?  For 
    example, it is no longer clear where to put a directory which contains a 
    new set of macros.  Nor is it clear where new tfm files are to be put.

Nothing in this regard has especially changed, that I know of.  I
recommend using a separate directory texmf-local for all local
additions, which is outside of the TL installation.  That way, you can
update TL without worrying about your local changes.

The TEXMFLOCAL setting controls this; if you search for that in
you'll see my brief description of it.

For a super-brief distillation of the install, see


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