[texhax] TeXLive 2004

Dan Stroock dws at math.mit.edu
Mon Feb 21 18:06:00 CET 2005

Because I wanted to support TUG, I have been a member for several years 
and have been using the TeXLive disks which you have sent to me.  I now 
find that the documentation provided is increasingly inadequate.  Where 
can one find documentation on the following topics:

1) What are the names of the packages and collections which can be 
intalled individually?

2) If one wants to use initex to build fmt files, to which of the two 
web2c directories should they be moved?

3) Is there updated information about adding new directories?  For 
example, it is no longer clear where to put a directory which contains a 
new set of macros.  Nor is it clear where new tfm files are to be put.

                                    Yours, Dan Stroock

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