[texhax] Nice Angle brackets

Johan Glimming glimming at kth.se
Mon Feb 21 20:16:41 CET 2005

I have (attached) macro for making hollow langle and rangle:

>         __
>        / /
>       /_/
>       \ \
>        \_\ (isn't it beautiful?)

But one problem remains: this symbol now takes too much space in 
mathmode! It extends one char-height below every math symbol (try the 
TeX below and see for yourself). I guess I need some sort of packaging 
around the macro to make LaTeX treat it as one single symbol - how do I 
do that??

Btw, can I wipe out the middle line by drawing some phantom colour 





$\bblangle 123 \bbrangle$

Johan Glimming.

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