[texhax] Nice Angle brackets

Johan Glimming glimming at kth.se
Mon Feb 21 19:46:21 CET 2005


> Yes, but it's /awfully/ kludgy :-(((

Wow, that's pretty complicated! :-) Hmm. I had a look at
symbols.tex (CTAN) and found the \fatslash and \fatbslash
which look like this

    \ \
     \ \
      \_\   and the other one is the mirror image

I was thinking one way might be to stack these two onto each other, but 
first make them halfsize, thus get something like

        / /
       \ \
        \_\ (isn't it beautiful?)

The little line in the middle I could live with. However, I am not sure 
how to 1) stack them like that (I know how to stack them with 
\joinrel), i.e. I need to decreate the sizes somehow...

Johan Glimming.

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