[texhax] Beamer error

Peter Flom flom at ndri.org
Fri Feb 18 20:16:22 CET 2005

Hello again

Using Beamer, and MikTeX

the follwing frame causes an error of runaway argument, that the file
ended while scanning \frame....

when I just compile the middle (from \begin{itemize} to \end{itemize} )
things are fine.....

I've tied retyping, using a different \frametitle......starting over,
nothing seems to work.
Any help appreciated

\begin{frame} %Foslom, Greenberg, Horvitz, Abernathy 1973
 \frametitle{Paired-alternatives - two alternate questions}
   \item A further reduction in the variance can be gotten by asking
   \alert{two} innocuous alternatives
   \item Divide the sample into two groups and ask questions as
    \raggedright{Technique used \\to ask questions
         & Sample 1 & Sample 2 \tabularnewline  \hline
    Randomizing device & \raggedright{Question A\\Question $y_1$}
         & \raggedright{Question A\\Question $y_2$} \tabularnewline
    Direct question & Question $Y_2$ & Question $Y_1$
    \tabularnewline \hline
  \item Samples should be equal sized; question A
  should be asked of about 0.7 of both samples, and the two
  alternate questions should have similar distributions

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