[texhax] Detecting in-document-ness?

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Feb 18 19:14:13 CET 2005

Douglas Lewan :

> All,
> I'm writing a book and, while writing it, would typically prefer to be 
> able to view the current chapter on its own.
> Is there a standard/common way to detect if LaTeX is already in a 
> document and only if not, then do the normal start of document 
> processing, like \documentclass{} and \begin{document} (and maybe a few 
> other things that I'll need)?
> Thanks.

create a master document, master.tex, say. Placere every chapter in a .tex 
file in their own e.g. chap1.tex, chap2.tex ..., include these using 

compile your full document (i.e. master.tex) untell it's fully updated, 
then place a \includeonly{chap2} in the preamble and recompile

then it only shows the material from chapter 2, ubt it also keeps all of 
the chapternumberings and cross references intact.

All decent editors include a feature where you tell it to compile master 
(instead of the current document)



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