[texhax] Re: Trouble with configuring hyperref

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Tue Dec 13 17:54:06 CET 2005

leggeb at aciworldwide.com wrote:

> 1.  Put a link on a graphic.
> Alas the hyperref manual seems only to indicate how to create text 
> links.  Although it does make mention of  adding links to graphics in 
> the /raiselinks/ option.

This works no my system:

> 2. I am using lastpage.sty also, but I want to suppress the red box that 
> appears around the LastPage (or at least just change it a white box).
> I think the reason I may be having trouble is because I am forced to 
> process my documents in this fashion:
> 1. LaTeX
> 2. LaTeX  (to get lastpage references updated)
> 3. dvips   (to make use of some Postscript hackery)
> 4  ps to PDF using gs (GPL)


> \usepackage{hyperref}
> \pagestyle{fancy}
>  \hypersetup{backref,  
> colorlinks=false,
> urlbordercolor={1 1 1},
> linkcolor={white},
> bookmarks=false,
> bookmarksopen=false,
> raiselinks=false,
> implicit=false
> }

Add dvips as a driver option for hyperref. If you don't want the 
border then use colorlinks=true and change the linkcolor to 
something other than white.

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