[texhax] About TeX Live and Turkish...

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 13 00:49:35 CET 2005

Hello Dr. Tuncyurek,

      How can we add Turkish hyph. and utf8 support to the current
      release (under linux) ?

Regarding Turkish hyphenation, where are the files and what is the
license?  On CTAN:language/turkish I see only some font files and a C
source file (written by Pierre Mackay and only available under a
noncommercial license) to generate patterns.  But no actual patterns.

Pierre, can you shed any light on the situation?

Regarding UTF-8, the present release includes Petr Olsak's enctex, which
has UTF-8 support.  (And aleph and omega with UTF-16 support, but I
assume you're familiar with those.)  And of course the LaTeX team has
had a UTF-8 input encoding file for a long time, although there are
limitations.  Did you have something else in mind?


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