[texhax] November 2005 TUG news: TeX Collection, TUGboat, conferences, more

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Thu Dec 1 00:33:43 CET 2005

Dear TeX users,

Quite a bit of news this time of year ...

- The 2005 TeX Collection is now in production.  All
  current TUG (and most other user group) members will receive it in due
  time, after pressing and mailing, which always takes longer than we'd
  like.  If you're not a member, please consider joining
  In brief, as with last year, this year's collection includes:
  TeX Live - a comprehensive TeX system supporting most Unix
    architectures, including GNU/Linux and MacOSX, and Windows.

  proTeXt - an easy-to-install Windows distribution based on MiKTeX.

  CTAN - a snapshot of dante.ctan.org, the German node of the
    Comprehensive TeX Archive Network.
  This year also has one new major distribution:
  MacTeX - an easy-to-install TeX system for MacOSX, based on gwTeX, and
    also including TeXShop, XeTeX, and Excalibur, among others.

- The second issue of TUGboat for 2005, the proceedings for TUG 2005,
  will be in the mail to current TUG members shortly.  As mentioned
  previously, new issues of TUGboat are immediately available online
  only to members.  (All articles will be posted publicly in about a
  year.)  We sent an email message at the time of the last issue with
  details about online member access.  If you have problems accessing
  the online material, please email memberaccess at tug.org.  The
  editorials and other non-technical information are online now at

- The fourth issue of The PracTeX Journal is now available online at
  with the usual array of practical articles and essays.  A sudoku
  typesetting contest is also announced, for anyone who might like some

- The interview corner feature on tug.org is now about one year old.
  The latest interview is with Barbara Beeton, especially commended for
  the fascinating story of TeX and TUG history she conveys.  The
  interview corner is coordinated by Dave Walden, who would
  enthusiastically welcome additional volunteer(s) to conduct
  interviews; if you're interested, please let him know.

- Time to start planning for TeX conferences in 2006!  Here is the
  line-up in chronological order, with links for more details:

  BachoTeX 2006: No Life without TeX Live
  April 29 - May 2, 2006, in Bachotek, Poland.
  EuroTeX 2006: A Hungarian TeX Rhapsody
  July 5-8, 2006, in Hungary.
  Practical TeX 2006:
  Hands-on 4-day LaTeX workshop from July 25-28, 2006,
  then a 3-day conference from July 30 - August 1, 2006,
  at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey, USA.
  TUG 2006: Digital Typography and Electronic Publishing
  Tutorials on November 7-8, 2006,
  then the main conference from November 9-11, 2006,
  in Marrakesh, Morocco.

- A final note on the business side, the TUG fax number has changed.
  It's now +1 206-203-3960.  The old number will continue to work for a
  little while longer.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us (tug-news at tug.org) with
questions, suggestions, or information.  Thank you for your ongoing

Karl Berry (President) on behalf of the TUG Board

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