[texhax] Need to store a value to be later called.

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Thu Aug 11 19:58:02 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I am using longtable to create a document that is data driven where I need 
to capture the last known balance in a transaction so it can be used in 
the head and foot.
I have tried using \newcounter, \newsavebox and \sbox, \savebox and 
\setcounter to store the value for later retrieval but I'm not getting the 
value I think I have set. 

I want to be able to set a value in memory (+ or  -  999,99) and update it 
every time a transaction is created.  When a page break occurs I want to 
retrieve that value
with in a command {\continuehead and \continuefoot).

What should I be using to accomplish this?

Here is a sample of what I am trying to do.

       %% : Transaction Header

       %% : Transaction Page Break Header

       %% : Transaction Page Break Footer
       %% : Transaction Turnover
       %% : Account Footer
   \transactiondata{2005/02/13}{2005/02/13}{PRZELEW OBCI¡¯ENIOWY} 
{F.NR.26/04-2437;37 F.NR.24/04-2390; 00  FIRMA US£UGOWA MARIUSZ BARCZYÑSKI 
MARIUSZ BARCZYÑSKI UL.£OWISKOWA 31 85-436 BYDGOSZCZ65 1020 1475 0000 8202 
0074 8566 PKOBP O/2 Bydgoszcz}{-4827,37}{+4098,75}\\

% : continues for multiple transactions that break the page boundary.

The commands that in question are as follows:

%  \sffamily\fontseries{m}\fontshape{n}\selectfont
    \parbox[t]{8.5cm}{\parbox[t]{8cm}{#3\hfill} \linebreak #4\hfill}

% : Save the current transaction balance for later use.
%%%    \setcounter{transactionbalance}{#6}
%%%    \sbox{\transactionbalance}{#6}

    \hskip1cm\parbox{14cm}{\hfill Saldo z przeniesienia z popzednij 
% : Retrieve the last transaction balance
%    \vskip-3pt \rule{19.5cm}{0.25pt}

    \hskip1cm\parbox{14cm}{\hfill Saldo do przeniesienia na 
nast\c{e}pn\c{a} stron\c{e}}%
% : Retrieve the last transaction balance

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