[texhax] Re: Need to store a value to be later called.

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Fri Aug 12 16:51:44 CEST 2005

Brent Legge/CA/AM/TSA wrote on 08/11/2005 11:57:54 AM:

=> Hello all,
=> I am using longtable to create a document that is data driven where
=> I need to capture the last known balance in a transaction so it can
=> be used in the head and foot.
=> I have tried using \newcounter, \newsavebox and \sbox, \savebox and
=> \setcounter to store the value for later retrieval but I'm not 
=> getting the value I think I have set. 
=> I want to be able to set a value in memory (+ or  -  999,99) and 
=> update it every time a transaction is created.  When a page break 
=> occurs I want to retrieve that value
=> with in a command {\continuehead and \continuefoot).
=> What should I be using to accomplish this?

I did some more digging and came up with a de.comp.text.tex thread named 
"longtable hack"


Sadly I do not know a lick of German but a referring thread seemed to say 
that because the \endhead and \endfoot are stored as a \box it is already 
expanded before any dynamic values can be passed to it. 

This suggests that I should use my \transactiondata command to "redefine" 
the entire \LT at head and \LT at foot.  I've taken a couple of kicks at the 
proverbial cat, but alas I am fruitless in my efforts. Instead, all I seem 
to be able to accomplish is to get it to spit out my \continuehead and/or 
\continuefoot at every transaction.

If I want to replace the current "dummy" \LT at foot  with an updated 
\continuehead(<value>) what do I need to do to get this to happen?

Maybe if any of the German-Anglo TeXHaX'ers out there could give me a run 
down of the imporntant points in the above thread, I could get some 
clarity on what must be done.

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