[texhax] RE: [listing.sty] \item[lstinline{foo}] howto?

Goebel, Juergen, OPE26 juergen.goebel at eads.com
Thu Nov 18 07:31:16 CET 2004

> Pavel Minev Penev [mailto:pavpen at berkeley.edu] wrote:

> I don't have time to look at this, but as far as I remember, listings
> plays with the catcodes of characters at input (what mostly 
> all verbatim
> environments do), thus, if you are trying to use a listing 
> anywhere, but
> at the top level of macro expansion, it will not work 
> (because catcodes
> will already have been defined for the characters to input).

Thanks for the explanation. I'm going to see whether
the author thinks there is a solution ...



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